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•  Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) Kills Amateur Radio Parity Act

 •  Orlando HamCation is February 10, 11 & 12

•  Amateur Radio Parity Act Bill Reintroduced in US House of Representatives  NEW!


•  The January 2017 QST NFL Newsletter is now available thanks to editor Marty Brown WB2VYK.

•  The NFARES Net Roster January 2017 (download) is now available thanks to Mac McArdle W4NFG.

•  The North Florida SEC DEC EC September 1 2016 is now available thanks to Strait Hollis KT4YA.

•  The Northern Florida STM Reports for December 2016 are now available thanks to Tom Housworth KI0JO.

January Section Manager’s Message

Greetings in the New Year! 

I hope you had a great winter holiday!  Of course, you got that K3S, ACOM amplifier, that SteppIR beam, the 110 ft crank-up tower, and all of those other “necessary” ham goodies, right?  (Sigh, there’s always next year…..).  Hi hi hi!  There were lots of “special events” over the holidays, and I hope you got to work a few.  Radio propagation – if you could find any – has been sparse and not so good.  Here’s to hoping our sunspots come back and the bands get better!  Otherwise, time to “build/fix” or otherwise do maintenance on ham stuff!

I was able to make the Silver Springs Hamfest in Ocala on Saturday, Dec 3rd; with fabulous weather, they had a great turnout, despite losing their initial location at the last minute – due to no fault of their own.  KUDOS to the Hamfest folks (Carl Berry KC5CMX was a big part of this) for getting another location so fast and never missing a beat!  The new Hamfest location was easy to find, plenty of parking, and they sold out the tailgate and tables!  They had a couple of commercial vendors and great food (inexpensive too!).  I actually got to sign off on an award application, and gave out two applications for the ARRL (one was a life membership application!).  It was a great time, and once again I got to meet face-to-face with many folks I knew, and meet lots of new folks.  I know how corny it sounds, but meeting hams from all over the Section (and various other places!) at these events is my favorite part of the position.

Speaking of hamfests, our Section’s next big event is the Orlando HamCation on February 10, 11 & 12; as usual, I will host a Section Forum in HIPPS 3 at the Lakeside Pavilion (usual place) starting at 11:15 am, for about an hour.  Stop by and say “Hi”!!  I’ll also be at the ARRL tables, helping with Card Checking and welcoming folks to HamCation; I will be there all three days.  Here’s to hoping for Chamber of Commerce weather for the entire event!  For more information – http://www.hamcation.com/   Come on out the largest Hamfest in the Southeast!  This is ALWAYS a great event!

Some not so good news – I got this a few days ago, from Ronald Mahn KI5FR, President of the North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (NOARC):


     I was wondering if there was any type of provision in the ARRL items to donate a gift certificate for one of our local Hams.  Craig Young KK4WDQ was attacked and injured in the line of duty as a correctional officer in Okaloosa County on Tuesday, 20 Dec 2016 and had surgery to put plates and screws into his ankle the following day.  He is going to be laid up for 2 to 3 months.  I am hoping the ARRL might consider donating a $25 or $50 ARRL gift certificate for Craig to purchase an ARRL publication of his choice to read during his recuperation.  The club is mobilizing to build an access ramp for him as well as provide meals and any other assistance he might need.  Thanks for your consideration.  Also, a few lines from you to pass along to Craig KK4WDQ would show how folks far and wide are cheering for his recovery. His email is patriot0311@yahoo.com .  

Wow!  Another public safety ham injured in the line of duty (last year we lost Okaloosa Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Myers KK4KF – I met him several times, he was a great guy –  who was shot to death serving a warrant).  The ARRL is sending a $50 gift certificate to Craig.  If you get a chance, please send him an email to say “Hi” and wish him well.

While we’re wishing folks well, our own SEC Strait Hollis KT4YA had “a bit of medical issues” – open heart and triple bypass surgery – around Thanksgiving (just found out a few days ago).  Strait is recuperating well and he hopes to be back to full speed soon.  You can send him well wishes at kt4ya@comcast.com .

Hope to see you at HamCation!  No plans for any meetings or Hamfest travel in January.  My Best Wishes for a safe and prosperous Happy New Year to you all.

Get involved, get active, get happy!  Stay safe, get on the air, and have fun!!


Signature Block

Steve Szabo WB4OMM
NFL Section Manager
ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio™

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