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•  The March QST NFL Newsletter  is now available thanks to editor Marty Brown WB2VYK.

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March Section Manager’s Message:

Greetings North Florida Hams!


This month’s QST NFL Newsletter is now available! Read it at March QST NFL Newsletter.

HamCation has come and gone! And what a HamCation it was! Kudos to Peter, Lidy, John, Mike (and the plethora of other folks) that make this a top-shelf, high class event. The weather was absolutely spectacular the entire three days – and the attendance was too! OVER 19,000!!!! Now third place in the world for participation (Behind Tokyo #1, and Dayton #2). Great news for them and congratulations!

Our NFL Section Forum Saturday morning set a record too – by the sign-in sheet, 73, and by count over 90. The “tent” was filled and there were at least some 20-30 folks outside that stayed for the forum. We had many special “guests” in the tent – including the ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher NY2RF, Southeastern Division Director Greg Sarratt W4OZK, NFL Section Newsletter Editor Marty Brown WB2VYK and her husband, Wayne Brown N4FP. NFL Section Webmaster Bert Garcia N8NN, WCF SM Darrell Davis KT4WX and SFL SM Jeff Beals WA4AW. National Director of QCWA Ken Simpson W8EK; President of 10-10 Terry Webb N0TW; SMs from Georgia, Alabama, Frank Butler W4RH, Rick Palm K1CE, and Bob Inderbitzen NQ1R from ARRL…..and the names just went on and on (I know I’m missing many more, please forgive me in the effort to keep this reasonably short!). It was a grand get together, and I am so proud that so many of you came to it! THANK YOU!

I saw lots of our Section members/ARES folks who visited me in the ARRL booth. A large number (I’m going to guess 30-40) of appointees and leadership folks said, “HI”, and we got to visit even if it was for only a few minutes. Those of you that couldn’t make it missed a wonderful gathering over the weekend.

On another note, longtime Section Traffic Manager Don Duckett N9MN is stepping down and will become Assistant STM, and ASTM Tom Housworth KIØJO has been appointed as STM……best wishes and good luck Tom! If you have the chance, please send Don a “THANK YOU”, and Tom a “WELCOME”. These fellas work tirelessly in the background with no fanfare, and do a wonderful job!

On a not so good note, I got a message from ARRL HQ to-day….about some rumors that are going around about the OO Program, the ARES Program, and the NTS program. Seems like these things always take on a life of their own!! Rest assured, there are no plans to “terminate” these excellent programs, and the ARRL will actively solicit input from members, appointees, and participants for change – yes, as with any programs there are folks looking to enhance pro-grams, but no changes have been made, and there are no immediate (like next month!)
changes planned. So please help by not “spreading it” – if there is something you heard that bothers you, ask me. As many know, I am VERY reachable! If I don’t know, I will ask.

That’s all for now……I am in the scheduling stages for visits right now starting in April, with Orlando ARC, and DEARS (Disney) at the top of my list.

Get involved, get active, get happy!  Stay safe, get on the air, and have fun!!


Signature Block

Steve Szabo WB4OMM
NFL Section Manager
ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio™

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