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• Orlando HamCation is February 8-10

• ARRL NFL Hurricane Michael AAR Final 12-31-18

• The ARRL Petitions FCC to Incorporate Parity Act 

• 2019 Contest University, Dayton, Ohio

• Action Needed — Amateur Radio Parity Act 

• The Creation of a New Volunteer Monitoring Program

•  The ARRL NFL Hurricane Michael AAR Final 12-31-18 is now available thanks to Karl Martin KG4HBN.
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January Public Information Coordinator’s Message


Scott Roberts, KK4ECR

Scott Roberts KK4ECR


Happy New Year!!!
Let’s Make it a Great One!


Welcome to 2019!!! Before us, we have 365 days in which to build, not only our teams, but our relationships with our communities.

In order to be successful in this, we must start with a good plan – good goals. Every EC and PIO should take the time to write down plans and goals for 2019.


Be sure to include:

•   What events you wish to support in your county in 2019.
•   How you plan to build existing relationships with those in your community.
         − Contact public officials and served agencies at least one
         per month.
•   How you plan to create new relationships with those in your community.
•   What events can you participate in, in order to build public awareness for your group and what they do.
         − Local fairs
         − Any public event where booths are available
         − Set up a “Get on the Air” station and allow the public to get
         on the radio.
•   How you can enlist the assistance of your membership to help you in accomplishing your plans and goals.
          − Start now to plan and promote for Field Day 2019 to the public — Plan it big!

This is just a starting point. Your plans and goals need to be specific to your county. Please take the time to put together your list and email it to me at kk4ecr@gmail.com. I’d like to compile a list – the goals you create may help others in their goals as well.

I wish each of you a Happy and Prosperous 2019!!!

Scott Roberts, KK4ECR
Northern Florida Section Public Information Coordinator (PIC)

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