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•  The QST NFL January 2018 QST NFL Newsletter is now available thanks to editor Marty Brown WB2VYK.
•  The NFARES NET ROSTER JANUARY 2018 (download) is now available thanks to Mac McArdle W4NFG.
•  The North Florida SEC DEC EC Jan 1 2018 is available thanks to Steve Szabo WB4OMM.
•  The Northern Florida STM Reports for DECEMBER 2017 are now available thanks to Tom Housworth KI0JO.

January Section Manager’s Message:  

Greetings North Florida Hams!  Welcome to the GREATEST HOBBY IN THE WORLD!

I hope your holiday was safe and wonderful!  It’s Wednesday, December 27th as I write this; and as usual at this time of the year, I reflect back on the previous year and look forward to the new year.

I was able to make the Silver Springs Hamfest in Ocala – Wow!  What a great event!  I saw many familiar (and friendly!) faces there.  Lotsa’ ham stuff to buy, and commercial vendors – and the tailgate area was packed with cars/stuff!  It continues to grow and expand, and if you didn’t make the 2017 event, I strongly encourage you to make the next one later this year. I also was able to attend three holiday banquets – the Orlando ARC function in Orlando (the same night as the Silver Springs Hamfest – yeah, it was one long day!!); the North Florida ARS, Jax Range, and Crown District ARES banquet in Jacksonville, and my own local Daytona Beach CERT ART in Daytona Beach.  Contrary to all the nay-sayers, ham radio is healthy and growing – and many great folks are involved and active.

Throughout the year I was blessed with travelling to various parts of the Section – some an hour or so out, some 8 hours away, and everything in-between) – and no matter where I went, I was warmly welcomed with eager and energetic people.  No matter what the function, be it a Hamfest, tailgate, club meeting, ARES meeting, or “out in the field” event, there were folks enjoying our most diversified hobby.  Also, again this year, we “stepped up to the plate” and were able and ready to provide our unique services to the local communities, as well as others in the state and surrounding region due to weather induced emergencies and other events.  Those that went to serve in Puerto Rico…..a huge THANK YOU!  You made us look good!  To all that were prepared and were able to volunteer…..another huge THANK YOU!  It is my hope after two consecutive very “busy” years, that Mother Nature will be kind to us and give us a break.

While I have you, I would like you to welcome the new NFL Section Emergency Coordinator Steve Palmer W4LOM.  Steve hails from Flagler County and has a First Responder background that will help in filling some big shoes!  You’ll hear more form Steve in the immediate future.  I also have a few folks considering the Assistant SEC position – and they too have significant backgrounds that would contribute to our future successes.  More on this in to come in the new year…….Also a warm and hearty welcome to Roy Wilkinson KV4LY the new EC of Escambia County; and Merrill Musikar KG4IDD the new EC of Flagler County…..GOOD LUCK!!!

No travel plans set for January yet……but I am DEFINITELY at the Orlando HamCation all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Enjoy the warm Florida Winter weather (it’s COLD out there in the Midwest and Northeast!). Happy New Year!  Welcome 2018!

Check out our fabulous NFL Section Web Page (http://arrl-nfl.org/) and our spectacular Newsletter (January Issue) QST NFL.

I have also attached an updated Section EC listing effective January 1, 2018. [ed. – click here.]

Get involved, get active, get happy!  Stay safe, get on the air, and have fun!!


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Steve Szabo WB4OMM
NFL Section Manager
ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio™

386-566-2085  wb4omm@arrl.org

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