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Gov. Rick Scott Proclaims Amateur Radio Week in Florida

• Kevin Bess KK4BFN has been elected NFL Section Manager – ARRL Bulletin 12 May 23 2018 

 Milton ARC Ham Fest – July 13-14, 2018 

•  The July 2018 QST NFL Newsletter is now available thanks to editor Marty Brown WB2VYK.
•  The NFARES NET ROSTER JULY 2018 is now available thanks to Mac McArdle W4NFG.
•  The North Florida SEC DEC EC Jan 1 2018 is available thanks to Steve Szabo WB4OMM.
•  The Northern Florida STM Reports are available at thanks to Tom Housworth KI0JO.

July Section Manager’s Message

Greetings North Florida Hams! Welcome to the GREATEST HOBBY IN THE WORLD!

Wow… It’s July already. Seems like yesterday that I told Steve WB4OMM, that I considered running for SM. Now, I am the Section Manager! The road here has been pretty eventful, but here we are! For those who don’t know yet, my name is Kevin Bess KK4BFN, and I will be your Section Manager for at least the next two years.

Well, let’s get down to business. As Steve said last month, and as I said during my campaign, I had no plans on changing any staff positions.  So, effective July 1st, 2018, you are hereby reappointed to your position, and unless removed (by voluntary request or otherwise), you have another 2 year term of appointment.

The only exceptions are the OO Coordinator, Rick AA4W, and our SEC Steve W4LOM. They have both decided to step down, effective July 1st. I would like to thank Rick and Steve for their service to the section and hobby, and wish you good luck with your new found free time! To fill these positions, I have decided that Bob Leasko WB8PAF will be our new OO Coordinator. I have a couple of candidates in mind for SEC, and their appointment will be coming soon!

Also, as discussed last month, our outgoing SM, Steve WB4OMM, is hereby appointed to the position of Assistant Section Manager.  This way, I can keep him close at hand so he doesn’t get into any trouble (or to keep me out of it for that matter!)

As far as the section goes, we are solidly into the first month of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season, with only Alberto making an early debut. Let’s hope it is a quiet season!

Also, Field Day 2018 is just wrapping up. The band conditions were again not very good, but the important part is that everyone had a chance to get out there, set up your gear, make a few QSO’s, and to have a couple of laughs and some good moments with friends.

As of this writing, I do not any firm plans to be anywhere, except to attend OARC’s meeting on July 6th. Milton Hamfest is the 13th & 14th of July, and I am hoping to attend that event for the first time, and my first official event as SM.

I apologize if this is a bit short, but I am adjusting to the SM duties, and with EVERYONE’S help, I am sure to be successful!

With that being said, I bid everyone a good day, and close by saying the same thing Steve always said, and I echo it…

Get involved, get active, get happy! Stay safe, get on the air, and have fun!!


73, Kevin KK4BFN
NFL Section Manager
ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio™
kk4bfn@arrl.org (will be active as of July 1st)
kk4bfn@gmail.com (currently active)


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