Monday, June 24, 2024

Monthly EC Report Form

Select the month the report is for, not the current month. For example, if submitting a report on December 3rd, you would select November as you are submitting the report for the prior month's activitie.
use plus or minus signs +/- to indicate gain or loss
List the total number of ARES net sessions held. This includes both Voice and Digital nets. Special training nets such as for Simulated Emergency Exercises or other special nets should be reported below in item 12. This figure is derived from the EC reports received this month.
Report the number of ARES net sessions held that report having an NTS liaison attending.
This is the total number of check-ins being reported from all net sessions held during the reporting period. For example, if you had 4 net sessions each with 20 individuals checking in, your total would be 80.
List any activity or event details you wish to report. Items such as special activations, training sessions, participation in Community events, Activations for real events, or other information you wish to report. These entries will help pull out specific event data for ad hoc reporting, i.e. listing all activations related to Hurricane Bob or total number of ARES events participated in. Please include the activity names as well such as "Valley of the Sun Triathlon" or "Double Bridge Run".
Number of exercises participated in (not training, see below).
Report training events held this month. These may be stand-alone to the ARES organization, or events held by a served agency that ARES participated in.
List any support of a local agency in a non-emergency event. (Example: ARES team has a clean-up day for the county mobile communications van.)
Events your team supported but not for a served agency. (Examples would be parades, races, marathons, etc.)
List number of actual activations for a real event (not drill or exercise).
List number of actual activations for a real event (not drill or exercise).
List meetings held, including in-person, video conference, or other methods. Please do not include training meetings as those are captured in item 12.
List any group activity that does not fit neatly in the categories above. This could include administrative activities as EC/AEC.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Upload any files that you need to attach to your report. File are limited to 5 MB.

What is the callsign used at ARRL headquarters

NOTICE: It can take several seconds for the system to process your report after you hit the submit button. Please stay on this page until you see the confirmation page. If you click away before you see the confirmation, your report may not be properly submitted to the SEC.