Monday, June 24, 2024

Solar Eclipse QSO Parties


HamSCI Presents The Solar Eclipse QSO PartiesOctober 14, 2023, and April 8, 2024.

Join with thousands of your fellow amateurs as part of the largest crowd-sourced contest for ham radio scientific exploration ever!  The SEQP is for learning more about how the ionosphere works. Use any mode, any band for all or part of each day!  Participation can be from everywhere – you need not be near the path of either eclipse to contribute valuable data by participating.

For details on the SEQP contest and rules go to

For the Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge using CW, WSPR and FST4W modes go to

If you’re an SWL or AM DX’er, there is an event for you as well!  Go to

Save the dates!

Get on the air!

Send in your logs!

Do it for science!!

HamSCI serves as a means for fostering collaboration between professional researchers and amateur radio operators. It assists in developing and maintaining standards and agreements between all people and organizations involved. Its goals are to advance scientific research and understanding through amateur radio activities and encourage the development of new technologies to support this research.

For more information about HamSCI, please visit the HamSCI website. For more information about the Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science educational opportunities for the amateur community and the public please visit our information pages.

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