Monday, July 22, 2024

ARRL PS Honor Roll

Ever wonder what you can do to get credit for all of those things you do in amateur radio? Here’s your chance! The ARRL has a “Public Service Honor Roll.”

Each month in QST‘s Field Organization Reports column, the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) recognizes the efforts of Amateur Radio operators who are active in many aspects of public service. This includes net operations, traffic handling, emergency operations and public service communication support. There are chances that you’re already involved with some aspect of Amateur Radio that would apply to the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR).

You can receive credit for things such as passing traffic, regular participation in nets, operating Emergency Communications and more.

You can find more information on what’s counted on the ARRL website and in this form.

In the Northern Florida Section, you can send your Public Service Honor Roll report to the Section Traffic Manager, Helen-WC4FSU via Radiogram.

Sample Public Service Honor Roll Report

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