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March 2020 QST NFL is posted.

QST NFL for March 2020 What’s Inside…. Page   1     Loften High School Ham Club Recieves Award Page   2     Emergency Communications Exercise Page   2      NFL Section Report Page   3      Five Flags ARA Activity Page   5      QCWA Chapter 62 Page   5      Friendship ARC Page   6      FCC Testing    

March 2020 Net Rosters and Reports are posted

March 2020 NF-ARES Net Roster NFPN March 2020 Roster and Net Preamble NFPN February 2020 Net Reports

Net Rosters and Reports for February 2020 are posted

ARES Net Roster for February 2020 NFPN February 2020 Net Roster NFPN January 2020 Net Reports

February 2020 QST NFL is posted

The February 2020 Edition of the QST NFL newsletter has been posted.

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