Ham Radio Facilitates Rescue During Hurricane Ian

Recently, Fox News carried an article regarding a group that was rescued from Sanibel Island resulting from a call for help relayed using amateur radio.  This was facilitated via our Florida Statewide HF Emergency Net for Hurricane Ian and SARNET. Dale-KC3TAU, who the article is about, called in to the net. The NCS at the time was John Herleman-KM4WHO who reached out to Arc-W4CPD with the info. Arc then contacted Lee County EOC via the SARNET (statewide repeater network) and got in touch with Steve-W9GPI who was operating the Lee County EOC amateur radio station. Arc relayed all the information to Steve who then passed it on to their local emergency management team.

Thanks to all involved!  This is why we do what we do!

Hurricane Ian hero: Maryland firefighter uses his ham radio to send rescuers to Florida’s Sanibel Island | Fox News

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