Online NTS/Radiogram Training

Some of the feedback we received during the month of March is that many operators know how to fill out a radiogram form, but some aren’t aware of where to find a net to transmit it on or how to read them on the air.  To help with this, our Section Traffic Manager Helen-WC4FSU and Matt-KD8TTE, who spoke in Orlando, will provide an open training session for those interested to learn about where and how formal traffic can make its way into the NTS.  Training will be held via Zoom on April 20 at 5:30P CDT/6:30P EDT.  No registration is required, simply click this link when it is time to join.

Matt-KD8TTE has some excellent training videos on his YouTube site to help you create and send your first Radiogram.  We highly suggest watching that video ahead of the online training.

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