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Alachua – Extra Class License Course

Nov 19, 2021 - Nov 21, 2021

Volunteers from the Alachua County ARES(R)/NFARC club and others have joined together to offer another Extra Class marathon course using Friday evening, most of Saturday, and Sunday afternoon on the weekend of Nov 19-21.

For further details and registration, please see:  and register there.

We always do a “hands-on” course as much as possible.   This time we are going to have teams solder together a simple radio receiver and investigate how it works.   This little receiver uses “direct conversion” from a digitally created VFO, with a digital display and rotary encoder control, but a very stock-standard diode-ring product detector and simple audio amplifier system.   It is just great for getting new Extra Class licensees without a formal background in electronics, to understand quite a bit about the little components and circuits that go together to allow us to communicate.

We already have a healthy number of participants, including both people working on the license as well as folks just coming to “audit”.    The tentative SCHEDULE for the course is also now available at:


Dr. Gordon Gibby


Alachua County FL EOC
1100 SE 27th Street
Gainsville, FL United States
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