Welcome To The ARRL Northern Florida Website

Good Day to All!

I would like to take just a few minutes of your time to say, “Hello”, and thank you for your contributions to our great hobby/service! Amateur Radio is people; people like you. And it’s the people that make us what we are.

As the newly elected Northern Florida Section Manager, it is my obligation to represent all of the ARRL members (and potential members!) fairly and equally. With that statement, here is what the Section is in the process of committing to you:

  •  Updated website – our Webmaster Ed W9CHA, is working hard to make the web page visually appealing and easy to navigate. Soon you will see dedicated pages to various interests across the hobby. Emphasis on ARRL Affiliated Clubs and club activities, pages dedicated to specialty operating modes. I encourage you to visit the site at: http://arrl-nfl.org/wp/ and “sign-up” for the section e-mail blog notification. Easy, simple to do, and you get notifications of postings sent to you free of charge! If you have suggestions, please let Ed know via the web page!
  •  Updated ARES organization – an updated listing of over 100 plus ARES positions, and most vacancies already filled. A Yahoo!Groups reflector established, and regular e-mails sent to all ARES participants. If you are interested in an ARES position, let me know!
  • Updated ARRL Appointments – in the process of contacting the 200 plus appointments and updating the list and appointments. A Yahoo!Group reflector will be established for this group of folks in the next few weeks. If you are interested in an ARRL appointment, let me know!
  • I am in the developing stage for a “newsletter” or at least a monthly “update” that is sent regularly to everyone to keep you informed on a variety of topics. If you like to do this “kinda stuff”…..I am looking for a newsletter editor! Let me know!

Enough “new “stuff for now….more to follow in the months to come. All of these initiatives are a result of comments and requests made my NFL Section folks. It is my sincere desire to serve each of you to the best of my ability based on your wants and desires (within reason!). No, I can’t give you that KX-3…..

KUDOS to the NFL Section folks that have remained or retired from service to the ARRL, NFL Section and Communities they serve. The ARES folks and Appointees are what make us move in the right direction. And many have dedicated many hours and made personal sacrifices to get the job done. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, PRIOR AND/OR CONTINUED. We have GREAT FOLKS DOING GREAT THINGS!

I would also like to thank outgoing Section Manger Paul Eakin KJ4G for his friendship, support and assistance in what is now appearing to be almost a “seamless transition”. We keep it positive!

I am excited to be part of our in the coming two years. Everyone Counts! We’re a team!

Come and join the team………!

73, and Happy Independence Day!

Steve Szabo WB4OMM

Northern Florida Section Manager