Instructions for the EC Monthly Report Form

Instructions for completing the activities sections of the EC Monthly Report Form (May 9, 2016) are written below.

•  Number of Drills, Test and Training Sessions This Month:

Activities to be included in this item would be:  ARES meetings (general membership & staff), on-air drills/exercises, coverage tests for repeater(s) or simplex, equipment deployment training, equipment maintenance and exercise (running generators), meetings with served agency personnel, county-wide planning meetings, meetings with leadership of Public Service Events when planning the event (ex: meeting with MOD staff to review route, rest stops, start/finish area layout; activities that occur days/weeks before the actual event)

Regular scheduled nets (ARES local nets) can be included here particularly if you do on-air training or change repeaters or do simplex exercises as pop-up activities during the net.

Ex: one ARES meeting, four weekly nets, one Saturday work day (wash and wax trailer) and one EC visit with EM staff would equal 7 activities.

•  Number of Public Service Events This Month:

Activities to be included here are fairly self-explanatory.  What goes here is the actual number of events done during the month and include: fundraising walks, running events, bicycling events, parades, festivals, fairs, shows, regattas; any event where the ARES group provides communication support to the event.

Events can be short (March of Dimes walk from 07:00 to 11:00 on a Saturday morning), for a day (Tour de Cure bicycle event) or multi-day (2 day MS 150 bicycle event – two days of 75miles each – typically out and back from the first city) (three day bicycle Festival – Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Each event is only counted as one activity even though it may be multi-day.

•  Number of Emergency Operations This Month:

Activities to be included here are deployments of ARES personnel/equipment requested by the Emergency Management office of your county for an emergency or disaster event.

ARES response to a request from EM, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue authorities to provide support communication for an Incident.

•  Person Hours for an activity: (all classifications)

Simply, the person hours for an activity are the number of persons involved for the length of time the activity occurred.  Ex:  10 people at 1 hour ARES meeting = 10 person hours.

For a longer duration activity individuals may have to keep their own hours and be reported to the event communications chairman and ultimately to the EC.  Ex:  event (activity) is 6 hours long;  Bill is there only 4 hours because of another commitment, four others are there the whole time.  4 people X 6 hrs + 1 person at 4hrs = 28 person hours.

For routine (weekly) nets it is sufficient to take the ‘usual’ (average) number of stations times the average length of the net.    12 people X 4 sessions X 20 minutes; 12 X 4 X .33 = 15.84 person hours.  Reporting net activity can be a ‘best estimate’ number.

Specific questions on what or where to report about an activity should go to the Section Emergency Coordinator.  Your Section Emergency Coordinator is Steve Palmer W4LOM, email:

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