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Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®)

emergency vehicleThe ARRL Emergency Coordinator (EC) is a key team player in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service on the local emergency scene. Working with the Section Emergency Coordinator, the District Emergency Coordinator and Official Emergency Stations, the EC prepares for, and engages in the management of communications needs in disasters.


The Northern Florida Section Emergency Coordinator is Stephen W. Szabo WB4OMM.
The Northern Florida Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator is Robert A. Mitchell W4HKG.

I am looking for a new Section Emergency Coordinator – our good man Strait Hollis KT4YA, has worked quietly in the background and understandably wants to spend more time with family….he has resigned as of this month [ed. – Nov 2017]The job description is at: you are interested, please let me know.  Steve Szabo WB4OMM, NFL Section Manager

Here is a list of our NFL Section Emergency Coordinators from Strait Hollis KT4YA:

   North Florida SEC DEC EC September 1, 2016

ares_clUse this automated form to submit your
monthly EC report:

FSD-212 EC Monthly Report Form

•  Instructions for the EC Monthly Report Form


Additional information about your monthly report:

  1.  You will receive an email with a copy of the report you submitted.  Type your email address carefully.  If you make an error typing your email address, you will not receive a copy of your report.  After you submit your report, the website displays a message indicating success or failure.  A failure will occur if you do not complete all items in the report form.
  2. If you don’t receive a copy of your report, check your spam or junk folder.  The system will always send you a copy of your report.  Add this domain to your contact list:  Add this email address to your contact list:
  3. Before you hit the submit button, review all your entries to make sure you have typed the correct numbers.  The form cannot correct your math or your entries.
  4. Thank you for your monthly report!

This is our current NFL Section communications plan:

NFL Section Comm Plan FINAL May 1, 2016

Read about the Incident Command System for emergency communications:

Incident Command System (ICS)

For more information about ARES and the responsibilities of emergency coordinators, see these two manuals.

The ARRL Emergency Coordinator’s Manual

ARRL Emergency Services Manual 2015

ARES Items of Interest:

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  Hurricane Hermine Information 2016

  Clay County ARES Prepares for Tropical Storm Hermine (two videos, August 2016, featuring Joe Bassett W1WCN):



  Strait Hollis KT4YA NFL SEC Helps Lead Statewide Hurricane Exercise 

 Hurricane Kimo Exercise 2016  

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•  Escambia County ARES – Cottonmouth 100 After Action Report, Nov 2015

The ARRL-NFL Section does not endorse commercial entities or products.  The following link is provided as a public service:

Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide

Contact Form Test Page

ARES® and the name Amateur Radio Emergency Service are registered marks of the American Radio Relay League, Incorporated and are used by permission. 

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